BMT Day 28 (The End)

“We started to beg for food at the parking lot; but held off and had a wonderful celebration late lunch with Audrey at Longhorns. Yum Yum!”

BMT Day 26 (Mother’s Day)

“We had a great fire oh great fire and ken made a beautiful Mother’s Day plant and we discovered an alien and a poodle embedded in a tree when we walked to the bridge to see the sunset – we came up with a whole biology for the alien and his hate for poodles LOL”

BMT Day 25 (Triathlon)

“Now we’re staying warm and dry like little worms in our sleeping bag yes wet and damp and chilly outside yes and it wasn’t supposed to rain but it did.”

BMT Day 22 (Georgia)

“We saw two hogs yes yeah and lots of what we think are bear poops started yesterday with the new pooping if we came over that hill and now we see the new poop constantly.”

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