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Fernhead Travels blog was created as part of my quest to living a joyful life, and creating the life I want. My hope is to inspire you to make personal choices that allow for your zest for life to be rekindled, and for love and joy to be actively and consciously created in your life. On Fernhead Travels, perhaps you discover a hidden dream, spark some ideas for your own adventures, and learn you can travel too! You CAN create the life you want!

As with life, there are so many choices! Come travel with me virtually or take a physical trip anywhere in the world, and then share your adventures here too! Your adventure can be big or small. Learn how to take a small sojourn here and start planning your own experiences.

For the first half of my adult life, I was always in my head and making choices* that emphasized that I didn’t matter. It was a sad self-created state of affaires and I missed a lot that I could have created with my partner and children together. With the right tools, I could have spread happiness and connection instead of despair and divorce. See my personal journey on YouTube, Lisa Yvonne Coming Up Unstuck, or get my book on Amazon or purchase at ComingUpUnstuck.com.

Empower yourself to create the life you want. Discover that You Matter.

Your Choices Matter. Be Your Own Hero and Create the life you want!

Begin traveling virtually here with Fernhead Travels, or take a trip in this beautiful living postcard of our physical world. And/or take your journeys a step further by traveling into your interior psyche and discover the choices you make based on your personal stories. Thank you for sharing in my journey, I look forward to hearing about yours! Connect with me here.




How I Became a World Traveller

Growing up, my family of origination took many summer cross country car trips to visit national parks and visit family in California. Our grandparents were in CA while we lived in CA, MD, KS, and TN. By the time I was 7 years old, I had lived in 4 states, and travelled cross country several times. My new friends in Montgomery County TN, had hardly been out of the county! And yet, I discovered early, we are basically all the same.. 

My earliest travel adventure was in 1967 at the Montreal World’s Fair., I was 3 1/2 years and held a urinating horny toad in my hand, we saw the brightly dressed in red soldiers with puffy helmets on their head standing at attention on the field in Quebec, Canada. We camped for several days and I fell into the largest mud puddle and got mud all over my new hand-made terry clothe swim suit, trying to keep up with my three elder siblings. What an experience! My youngest sister’s first memory is her looking out over the Grand Canyon and hearing a voice exclaiming the beauty; she was probably two and was sitting on our dad’s shoulders, while we walked along the canyon ridge.

Later, as a parent, my travels were focused around local travel to school, sports, and church events; then graduating to traveling soccer leagues with both children, local swim team meets, and enjoying general all around family life. In 2003, my children and I explored Mexico and Belize on a cruise. It was our first off shore adventure, and felt safe and controlled with the excursions planned from the ship.  

In 2005, my brother and his partner invited me to Peru for my first independently planned off-continent adventure. It was amazing!

And I was sooo nervous! We went to Cusco, then on to the sacred city of Machu Pichu and Iquitos, by the Amazon jungle, where we saw pink dolphins on the Amazon river. I was enthralled with this beautiful country, the people, and way of life. Once I got over the jitters for being in a completely new environment, with an entirely new set of rules and agreements, I learned to relish both the differences in cultures and discover the sameness in each and every human being. 

As a human family, it seems we all want to be happy and safe, and take care of our families. 

Recent Travels

Finished my first thru hike of 4 weeks in spring 2022 on the Benton McKaye (mc-eye) Trail ! Wow, being off the grid in this crazy world replenished and renewed my soul. And we discovered why all the bears are on the AT: because that’s where all the hikers are! We only met 9 other thru hikers on the BMT in four weeks. Along with our two sightings of hog families, with their daily buffet lines and rock beds. Thanks to my partner Ken, I was able to be organized and geared up properly. 

BMT Day 28 (The End)

“We started to beg for food at the parking lot; but held off and had a wonderful celebration late lunch with Audrey at Longhorns. Yum Yum!”

BMT Day 26 (Mother’s Day)

“We had a great fire oh great fire and ken made a beautiful Mother’s Day plant and we discovered an alien and a poodle embedded in a tree when we walked to the bridge to see the sunset – we came up with a whole biology for the alien and his hate for poodles LOL”

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