Day 2 (April 14, 2022, Thursday)

Funky hair day on this chilly first morning!

Ferns and Moss are battling for space!








Left camp around 9:15-9:30am, walking downhill most of the way maybe one little climb about a mile out and the rest was downhill.

there were oh my gosh that whole section was taken over here by Moss, and then there were three different or four or five different other mosses and they were battling for survival yeah on the rock who is the rock yeah I am they were like vying for space on that rock that was beautiful.”

Mostly cloudy during the day, light drizzle in the morning but beautiful skies in the afternoon. Camp one was closed, but we found a horse camp within a mile. No sign of rain so we kept the sides to the tent open. Ken built a fire at night.

Nice to have fire with 32° temps. Some water spilled on the table and the fuel-can froze to the table. We chatted about the moss wars from the hike.

We need the ignition for the jet boil, it’s not working well. So Ken sacrificed his water for Lisa’s tea. Thank you Ken!

10 miles

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