Day 1 (April 13, 2022, Wednesday)

Audrey drove us to the trail head at Big Creek. We drove up and down the road looking for toilets, but they were all closed so Lisa pooped behind the final bathroom stop (dug and covered, of course).

Best Driver ever! Thank you Audrey for getting us to the trailhead!

   Ready for our great adventure







  Foreshadowing of the Moss Wars

Started our hike at 2:22pm and climbed up hill all day (it was pretty hot actually going up the hills). Went just over 6 miles and camped at the top. Walked up two flights of the fire stairs but it was way too windy and cold and it felt too exposed to continue to the top of the Fire Tower.

We had a wonderful dinner of patty melts made with rye bread from the restaurant at lunch. Beautiful weather, super windy, and cold at camp.

The journey begins!

6 miles

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